A Sound to Remember

I was going to start this article saying that everyone here on Earth is so different, and mention the contradiction of how we all seem to share the similarity of enjoying music.  I was going to pose this statement to you in a rhetorical question and then explain to you why we all enjoy music, but I realized I don’t really know why. I think it is because it reflects the adversities and joys we experience in our lives, and then connects them with our emotions. This is my theory, not a fact. Wow, I am really just giving you my stream of conscious today aren’t I? If you wanted to see inside my mind, here it is!

So, I wrote this lengthy introduction to tell you about a band named M83. I don’t actually listen to their music, except for one song, but the song is exceptional. You’ve probably heard it before, it’s in a lot of movies, and it does have one of those sounds that is perfect as you watch the main character who just resolved his or her major conflict fade into the sunset in a “in the moment nostalgia” type way. Do you ever have that? Nostalgia for the moment you are living in? Like you know you’re going to look back on a moment and smile and get those happy feelings you get just from remembering it all before you’ve even finished experiencing it.

This song, “Midnight City”, gives me that feeling every time I listen to it. It makes me look at the world around me with newfound wonder and gratitude. When I listen to it, I feel like “Wow! This is my life, I’m experiencing this now!” and it’s profound, deep, meaningful, not how it sounds when your reading this article. A feeling always sounds stupid until you feel it. In one word, “Midnight City” is the sound of resolution.

As I’ve been writing you, I’ve been listening to M83 in the background. “Oblivion” and “Wait” are also both really good. I mean they are good in the truest sense of the word. They aren’t fabulous, but they are better than mediocre. Good. Maybe even somewhere indefinite between good and great. It’s a scale, you know.

One night, I was driving on the highway alone in my car, listening to Spotify with the windows down and my left palm out the window, waving against the pressure of the wind. I was in a quiet kind of sad mood, and “Midnight City” came on, and I had a revelation: sad Morgan enjoyed it in her sad vibes almost as much as happy Morgan did. It appealed to both moods, and furthermore it applies to any mood.  It’s sharp beat satisfies anger, its electronic sounds satisfy the raw energy of excitement, it’s fading, ephemeral voice lends to nostalgia. It lives, almost as multi-dimensionally as a human, but even more so, like a big city; It can be more than one thing at once. Taxis with their shining red tail lights are honking, a heavy, old gray-haired man in a leather jacket takes a long drag on his cigarette, a young couple strolls while holding hands, a laugh echos in the distance. It’s so dynamic in every way, and it all fits together in a symphony. It shouldn’t all fit togeather so perfectly, yet it does. And that is what distinguishes a good song from a great song.

To be honest, I didn’t think this was going to get so deep or personal, but I’m glad it did. I believe, with my whole being, that music is essential for the human race. A man named Robert once told me “Music is a higher state of consciousness” because you can “be sad but see the beauty in it, and we don’t do that in real life.” Yes, Robert does sound like an old wizard, and yes he is a real man I know who said this to me. What he said impacted me, because I had recognized the feeling of experiencing more than one emotion simultaneously while listening to music, but never had been able to move the thought of it from my subconscience to my conscience, much less analyze it. Music tells you who you are and aren’t. It puts you in touch with yourself by relating your life to your emotions. Sometimes it lets your emotions take control, but it’s safe. You’re not damaging anyone by screaming the lyrics of a song, but you’re getting to display how you feel. It externalizes your internal self. It is of monumental importance.

To be in touch with that side of yourself, rarely presents itself in an everyday opportunity. That’s the beauty of art, you explore your mind in relation to your emotions, you discover things you never knew were there. I discovered things I didn’t know until I wrote this article. That is art.



Eternal Prom

Well hello again my trusted friends!

I am here, in the flesh, through a laptop, cyberspace, and a whole bunch of coded numbers and letters and special characters to report to you, my dear reader, the events of PROM! It was so fun, it’s always fun, it’s prom!

#1: The Dress

If you read my last posts, there were some dresses I was between wearing and I ordered one of them. It became a debacle when the company sent me a size too small in the dress I ordered and AFTER I sent it back, they told me they were out of my size. This happened on Monday and I had prom on Saturday. Luckily my mother is quite fashionable and I wore a Neiman Marcus gown she already owned.

#2: Hair

My BFF and hair stylist, Ben, really pulled through on this one. I decided the night before that I wanted to get my hair done (though I usually always do my own hair for events). I texted Ben and he happily complied he could style my hair, which was amazing because usually salons are booked around prom. He curled it and pinned it half-up and half-down with a little poof on top, which sounds totally 80s but it was not at all. unfortunately I didn’t have long enough arms to get a pic of the back of my head 😉

#3: Makeup

I was really proud of my makeup, which as always, I do myself. I often do my friends’ makeup for events, and if you live in my area contact me anytime if you want someone to do your makeup! I went for a really dramatic look here with silvery-blue undertones in the eyeshadow.

#4: Photos

My lil’ gang came over to my house for pictures, and we took pictures on the grass area in my neighborhood.  My friends are photogenic, what can I say?



#5: Dinner and Dance

Dinner was delish and the dance was sensational. Our dance was at a night club with a dj, confetti, strobe lights, and all. I’m at a loss for words to describe how phenomenal it was. I could dance all night, every night, for the rest of my life. Willingly, I would do this. More than willingly actually– I want to dance in that environment all the time every day. I didn’t want to leave, and when my friends dragged me out of there I was dripping in sweat. A disgusting detail maybe, but it enhances the mental image. Why would anyone not want to dance all day everyday? I think you get it, I LOVE dancing.

#6: After Party

The after party is like a deep breath, relaxing with just your friends after a crowded night bumping into people from here and there and Timbuctoo. I didn’t really need to put that in here, I just wanted to say Timbuctoo.

#7: After After Party

If this is not the definition of eternal prom I don’t know what is. The next day, my friends and I went to my date’s house. It was so elegant yet contemporary, it looked like you had just stepped into a Veranda Magazine house.  We hung out in the pool and jacuzzi and around the outdoor fire place, conversing, playing pool basketball, and tanning. A spa couldn’t have been any better.

Prom should be every weekend. I’m starting a petition.

xx, Morgan

A Week in Kauai

Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth, home of Jurassic Park, the crown jewel of the USA, Heaven: they’re all synonyms.  So whatever you want to call it, that’s where I went for spring break! After a painful 12 hour plane flight, and a quick layover to pick up my friend Morgan (yes we do have the same name) we finally arrived in Lihue, Kauai. We rented a white Jeep, obviously convertible, and drove down to Poipu, where we rented a house. I’m going to give you a breakdown of how we spent our time, but rather than putting everything in boring chronological order, I’ll categorize by activity types.


  • Napali Coast State Wilderness Hike- This was one of the very first activities we did, and it was raining! Even though we could not see the world-renowned view, we were surrounded by an opaque white wall of fog. Even in the rain we had an amazing time, and the air was so crisp at the high altitude.
  • Poipu Surfing- My first time surfing, I highly recommend taking a lesson like my family, friend, and I did. It wasn’t as hard as I thought It would be, and it was almost everyone’s favorite part of the trip. Make sure to bring a rash guard!
  • Wailua River Paddle Boarding- This was my favorite part of the trip and definitely the most adventurous excursion we went on. We paddled 2 miles up the (nearly stagnant) river and then hiked 1 mile to a waterfall. We swam in the pool underneath it while birds chirped in the background; it was pretty magical. There was also the occasional rooster. Roosters are abundant all over the island, so don’t plan on getting much sleep.
  • Kapaa Beach Bike Ride- 10 miles, that’s how far my friend and I rode. It felt like 3 miles, but we were on our bikes so long our butts started to get sore from the seats hahaha. I’d be cautious to go on this ride again because on the path there were many sketchy looking people. If you want to go, don’t go alone, though I’m sure they are harmless. I took this photo of my friend, Morgan.
  • Walking (too much)- Because my family often split up to do different things, and I’m not old enough to rent a car, my friend and I probably walked about 25 miles throughout our vacation! We figured out on almost the last day, we could have just Ubered everywhere, but we got a good workout!


  • Keoki’s Paradise- Very touristy restaurant with decent food. It’s not really my style but we went our first night on a whim.
  • Shave Ice- Ate this almost every day! It’s in almost every shopping center and it’s so yummy. The flavor combinations are endless.
  • Street Burger- Top notch burgers, with a rustic environment. It seems that you would find this restaurant in New York rather than Hawaii. 5 stars from me 🙂
  • Plantation Gardens Restaurant & Bar- Loved this place. The food tasted delicious, the waiters were really outgoing and funny, and the outside patio was perfect. Also, a praying mantis landed on me, which is supposed to be good luck.
  • Bangkok Happy Bowl- I was slightly hesitant to eat here because of the extremely loud atmosphere, but my friend wanted to, and I’m glad I did. It has so many options; Morgan ordered lo mein and I ordered sushi, which was mouth-watering.
  • Living Foods Market- Small grocery shop near the house we rented. It had freshly made sandwiches and poke bowls. I’m not a huge fan of the bowls but the sandwiches were tasty!
  • Eating House 1849- In the same shopping center as Living Foods Market. This is an upscale restaurant, and the food is pretty good but not anything breath-taking.


  • Hanalei Bay- An unparalleled beach on the North Side of the Island. It’s gorgeous view of the mountains seemingly sprouting along the coastline and the glimmering turquiose water earns its spot as one of Kauai’s premiere beaches. BYOTU: Bring your own towels and umbrella.
  • Kapaa Beach- perfect for bike rides and outdoor activities with friends, not the best for swimming.
  • Polihale Beach- so beautiful and remote! Make sure to bring an umbrella or something to provide shade. The drive here was an adventure in itself; the bumpy dirt path jostled my bones a bit and my seatbelt actively restrained me from flying through the front of the car.  It was fabulous and I’m absolutely serious.
  • Poipu Beaches- Very touristy, if you’re into resorts this is in which you should stay. Personally, I prefer to stray from the discovered areas. I like to be the discoverer.

    So that’s a wrap! Also, I haven’t posted lately because I had spring break, prom, I got sick, I missed my AP exams, and tomorrow I’m making them up! So I’ll be posting a lot more now that whole shebang is through!

    xoxo, Morgan

Covet Fashion

I’m not a huge fan of games. I’m talking game apps. While they’re generally fun, I usually find them time wasters and I prefer to spend my time working towards a goal or being productive with my time. But, (there’s always a but) I found an exception to the rule (there is always an exception). Time after time, I keep going back to the app store to get my fix. Since it’s release in 2013, I’ve downloaded the app about 7 times, never creating a personal account, starting from scratch each time. This time I’ve decided I’m there to stay and made a username and such because the game is just so fun! Here’s a breakdown: you begin with a set amount of money and diamonds with which you purchase clothing. Then, you enter themed contests which require some item such as a piece of jewelry by a certain designer or from a certain year and season. If you obtain a certain number of stars (usually 4 or higher), you win a prize of diamonds or a piece of clothing. After increasing your closet value to x amount of dollars, you then “level up” and win money/diamonds and unlock new hair and makeup styles. You can also join a house, and I have yet to do this, but I think the idea is you can borrow clothing from other users in that house, which would allow you to level up faster (by having more options to use to enter contests) and expand your wardrobe (if others allow you to borrow from their closets). I’m on level two right now, but since I downloaded it last night and have played it for about four hours, I expect to climb up these levels pretty fast hahaha. Moderation is key 😉 These are some of the outfits I’ve created so far:

Try it out sometime, you won’t regret it!

xoxo, Morgan

Money Money Money

What’s the Space Bag’s worst enemy and your wallet’s best friend? Money, Mula, cold, hard, cash. Everybody wants it but it seems to be perpetually in short supply. You know what is not in short supply? Stuff. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about; I know about that stuff that collects dust under your bed, in the back of your closet, and even those useless knickknacks that take up space on your shelves or desk. But don’t feel guilty, we all collect things that we just don’t need, and that’s the beauty of it– somebody else would be more than happy to take your useless items off your hands.

So this past weekend, I wanted to make some extra money, and I decided to clean out my closet. I won’t lie, it was a painful experience. First of all, it was a grueling process (I own a lot of clothes), second, I realized I don’t like or wear 65% of my clothes, third of all, it led to me cleaning out my jewelry and cleaning my room, but this spring cleaning paid off– literally.

When I was finished, I had two large laundry baskets of junk that I should have disposed of long ago. I looked up places to sell, and Plato’s Closet came up, so I went there. I’ll never go again. It was a laughable experience how bad it was, but don’t stop reading here, I’ll convince you why you should sell your stuff to consignment a little bit later.

So I get to Plato’s Closet, and carry in my bag and the very nice girl at the register tells me it will take 20 minutes and I can either leave and come back, or look around while I wait. Since there was nobody ahead of me and it would “only take 20 minutes,” I looked around, which rendered fruitless. I then sat down and checked Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, my texts, my emails, googled summer jobs, summer internships, summer music festivals, and got the app SeatGeak. It had been an hour and 45 minutes when I looked up to see an employee making fun of my stuff to other employees! So I was pretty angry, but managed to contain myself and wait for them to finish up. At about two hours, they told me they were ready for me. They didn’t take much but I ended up making $43, so I was content with that.

The next day I was both older and wiser, and I knew how this worked. I went to a local consignment store and carried my two hefty baskets of stuff in two trips to the car. There were 3 people ahead of me in line to sell clothes, yet the wait only took about 10 to 15 minutes and this time I brought In Cold Blood to read. I gave them my stuff and then looked around and tried on a couple of pairs of shorts, but didn’t purchase anything. They had sorted through all my stuff in 30 minutes and took a whole basket full. I made $117 and I was ecstatic!

So even though selling to consignment shops may not be as amazing as I thought when I began this article, I still urge you to participate in it, because you can make money, clean out your house, shop, and get a good workout carrying all your baskets to a store from distant parking lots! Also, a pro tip: don’t put your stuff in garbage bags, many stores want it to be easy to sift through, so use baskets. I made $160 total! It’s a good way to make money if you’re in a bind, but if not, it is somewhat time-consuming and a hassle. So maybe consignment isn’t the great opportunity I was trying to convince you it was, but at least I’m honest!

xoxo, Morgan

A Blogger

A while ago I was surfing Instagram’s suggested page and I came across a picture of a fashionable girl named Justine Cuenco. After stalking her Instagram I decided to follow her @cococuenco. I loved her aesthetic and being a junior in high school and all, wanted to figure out what she did for a living. To be completely honest here, I am still unsure. I found out she works at Gypsum, which basically is a blog, and Revolve, a company that sells multiple brands of clothing to consumers.  Gypsum Style says she’s an “influencer specializing in social media content creation, creative production, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Her creative imagination and focused branding talents led her into catalyzing her own brands; Gypsum Style, an online retailer, and Blvnk Pvge, a production company, which has pushed her into her current role as a Lifestyle Blogger.” So I really like Gypsum and wanted to let you guys know about it. Here are a couple of her posts:

This post kind of sums up what her blog is about:




she’s so freaking cool and her style and vacations are enviable


Want this bikini!



This article really motivated me to workout! Also her exercise apparel is v cute.

This is her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cococuenco/

Blvnk Pvge Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/_blvnkpvge/?hl=en

xoxo, Morgan


Do you ever watch a show and you scream “THAT’S LITERALLY ME!!” about some character all the time? Or you just love that one person on your show? So that’s what this post is: my fictional soul mates. Does this post make me seem like I watch too much TV? Yes. The answer is yes.

Cristina Yang, Grey’s Anatomy

She-BrilliantImage result for cristina yang giffarewell-cristina-yang-best-one-liners(2)giphytumblr_mjo5bpc6vn1qb4rewo1_1280

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter


Belle, Beauty and the Beast



Cinderella, Cinderella


So all these women have a few things in common. One, they’re feminists. Two, they stand up for what they believe in and follow their heart. Three, they’re real. That’s inspirational; It’s not too often you find someone in real life with all these attributes. And that’s why these women are my role models and they should be your’s too.

xx, Morgan