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I made a youtube channel! I posted my first video– it’s a travel vlog from San Diego, California. Here’s a link: Youtube- Morgan Spangler.  I’m planning on making more videos as I get to travel more, but I’m not going to be unrealistic, I’ll probably be posting once a month or once every 2 months to start off. I don’t travel more than that as of right now. What’s your favorite place to travel? Comment below! Mine is Hawaii 🙂

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Ashville, N.C.

Many of my readers are from North Carolina and are most likely well acquainted with Ashville. If you’re not, it’s a trendy town in the mountains, a place where you might find a hipster or two in the abundance of vintage record stores. Lots of vegan restaurants, Subarus, and hippies–you get the picture.


Last Friday, my friend and I dipped out of school early to drive up there. We wanted to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway, but after our two-hour car jam sesh, we saw it was closed. Instead, we found a side road next to a mountain and decided to go exploring.


After exploring some backroads and almost getting kidnapped in the woods (long story), we drove to the hotel. We met up with her fam downtown and grabbed dinner at Red Ginger which was amazing. We ate dessert on this old double-decker bus that has been permanently parked next to some buildings in the city and converted into a coffee shop. Eventually, we went back to our hotel for some night swimming and deep talks.

IMG-1979.JPGThe next morning, we grabbed breakfast (though it looks more like dessert) at a restaurant that only serves biscuits! These are like donut holes except they’re the texture of biscuits. Delicious.

We headed to a skate park so I could ya know, ride my skateboard and stuff. Just kidding! We went there for my friend’s brother, but it ended up being such a serendipitous experience because there was all this beautiful graffiti covering the buildings. The art was so captivating; my favorite was this wall.

DSC05488.jpgI’m not going to lie: I feel like I look really silly in this picture, but it’s the best one of the wall I had.


Later, we went to downtown and shopped. That’s when I decided that it was a good idea to buy a forty dollar, 3 tier box of Valentine’s Day chocolates to eat myself. Turns out, it was not a good idea. Also, I dropped some money on a hat that’s not really appropriate to wear in public (unless you enjoy getting looks of disapproval from strangers). All in all, I think I made some really great decisions. We made a quick stop at the Grove Park Inn and then headed home.


For only 1 1/2 days, we actually packed in a lot of activity. Happi Traveler 🙂

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Feeling Comfortable

If you know me, you are most likely aware that I love art. If not, now you know. For a while now, I’ve come across art on Pinterest with a certain kind of cartoonish style that really appeals to my eye. After searching, I discovered some of the people who created these pictures. Their names are Yaoyao Ma Van As, Pascal Campion, Mehrdad Isvand, and Emmy Cicierega. Turns out, Mehrdad Isvand works for Walt Disney Animation Studio and was involved in the creation of Moana (one of my favorite animated movies). What makes their pieces so appealing is the sense of comfort and safety in all of the images. In addition, I am probably the “targeted audience” of these pieces since most of them portray young women who seem to spend a generous amount of time alone or in the company of animals. This art exudes happiness and peace in everyday life; It’s a nice change from most of the deep and contemplative art that typically attracts me. Here is some of their work:

Yaoyao Ma Van As


Yaoyao Ma Van As is my favorite of these artists because her pictures focus on young women who enjoy spending time alone. I feel like many people assume that people who like to be alone are not happy, and this dispells that belief. She’s also a vegan and animal lover. You can buy her prints on the website


Pascal Campion


Mehrdad Isvandi 

mehrdad isvandi.jpg

Emmy Cicierega

Emmy Cicierega.jpg



This is only one style of art that interests me, and if you’d like to see more art, you can check out my Art board on Pinterest: I’m not all that active on Pinterest, but my Art board is regularly updated because I use bits and pieces of things I find on there as inspiration for my own work. Let me know if you guys enjoy learning about art or if you prefer I stick to my other usual topics.

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If you watch T.V, you most likely have heard of a new show called A.P. Bio. It aired February 1st and I just watched the first three episodes on Demand. (Not really sure how three episodes are already out, to be honest). It’s so hilarious and I can already tell it’s going to be my new obsession. It’s about an ex-Harvard philosophy professor seeking revenge on his arch-nemesis while teaching A.P. Bio at a high school without ever really teaching. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, you should try watching it.


Why Do You Do What You Do?

Everyone has a unique set of values that they hold sacred, and these values make up the core of a person. One of my core values is authenticity. It’s the paramount quality I search for in those I bring into my life, and oftentimes others’ inauthenticity causes me to distance myself from them. Looking back at my last blog post and its stats, I wondered why didn’t this one do as well as the others? After some time, I realized that I wasn’t passionate about my last post, and the style in which I wrote reflected that.

Now that I’ve discovered this, I’m gonna try to keep it extra real on here, because I think that’s what makes a blog interesting to read. Maybe it’s easier to blog about clothes because nobody can dislike you for your opinion on them, but it’s more worthwhile to write about a topic that you care about, even if people are more likely to judge you for it.



I care about travel and I enjoy contemplating the deeper meaning of simple choices, so here is why I think traveling is important on a philosophical level.

Because you learn to adapt to change and accept others. In another country, you become the minority, and this allows you to experience a tiny dose of the vulnerability that foreigners feel when they come to your country knowing nothing of how to assimilate with your culture. Experiencing the role of the minority temporarily removes the power that you feel so entitled to as a member of the majority in your home country.

IMG_6920 (2)

Because if God doesn’t exist, at least you had your fun. And if he does exist, you had your fun without hurting anyone. I’m always hesitant to share my beliefs about religion with others because it is one of the few areas of my life that I don’t really have all figured out. Anyways, what I’m trying to say with this point is that traveling is a way to genuinely enjoy life without drugs, fornication, gluttony or any other “sinful” behaviors. Whether or not you believe in religion, you might as well avoid sin just in case there ends up being some kind of moral judgment-day for you.

Because it makes you realize how small you and your problems are, but it also reveals to you that you are in yourself living, yet you are also part of a larger living organism, like the concept of organs (don’t you remember freshman biology? Cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, etc.). Similarly, you and your community contribute to making up the world at large. So basically, your direct role in the world is small, but you indirectly impact the world more than you’re aware of. Here’s a diagram:


Hmmm…I wonder if I’m the first person to use the Organ System as an analogy for a human’s role in the world.

Because you Meet People. I think most people have contemplated the idea of how every other person on Earth has had a life as intricate as their own. Traveling, or just even stepping out into the world, allows you to meet these people and learn about them and learn from them. You don’t have to make all your own mistakes if you can learn from people who have made them for you.


Because you don’t risk putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. There is absolutely a chance that you will die tomorrow. There’s also almost a guarantee that you will die before you are ready. It’s irresponsible to live a life devoid of enjoyment when you don’t know when it could end because if you end up not having as much time as you accounted for, you will have spent your time on things that did not matter to you. Do yourself a favor revel in the fleeting time of today.

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Emerging Artist: Jack Broadnax

Jack Broadnax is a nineteen-year-old fashion designer and founder of Her Children Paris. Broadnax’s brand is heavily influenced by Parisian art and culture. Though the label is only 5 or 6 months old, it has already attracted the attention of celebrities and gained Broadnax entrance to several exclusive events. Jack Broadnax is making a name for himself in high fashion, and it’s happening quickly. Don’t blink or you might miss it– here’s some more about Her Children and Broadnax from the designer himself.

Describe your vision for Her Children Paris. How do you want people to see your brand and who is your target audience?  “My vision definitely is to make it a high fashion brand: runway shows, magazines, billboards, like a general Parisian high fashion brand. I want [people] to see Her Children through high fashion influencers, like the 2 people I use now in my lookbook: Bloody Osiris and Sashadidntwakeup.”


When and how did you get your idea to create Her Children? How has it evolved?  “I went to LA with my homie Parker Sharpe and we went to this trade show called Agenda and I saw all these up-and-coming streetwear brands and I thought I can do better. I flew back from LA to Charlotte and I made my brand that night. It’s evolved a lot actually, from just shooting random people to shooting people that style Kanye West. It has only been what? 5 or 6 months, so it’s still progressing. In another 6 months, it’s gonna be on a whole other level.”

Who has inspired you?  “Ya know, my brand is kinda different. I wanted to do something, and do it my own way, so I don’t really have anyone that ‘inspired’ me. I mean, I have brands I look up to like Midnight Studios, Off-White, Gosha, and Stone Island, but no one has inspired me really, just myself.”

Has this process unfolded in the way you thought it would, or has it surprised you?  “It has been exactly how I’ve wanted it to be, nothing has been wrong. I’ve had multiple people who have tried to help me obviously, and I’ve declined a lot of people who have been trying to help me because I want it to be my brand and my image. There’s a difference between fast money and real, hard-earned money.”

What city is your company currently based in? Do you plan on staying there or moving? Why?  “My company is currently based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, but I have some big plans to move it to a Parisian atmosphere, making everything cut and sewn in Paris. It’s definitely going to transform into a Parisian vibe very quickly, and I’m gonna be based out of Paris.”

So you told me earlier you’re going to New York pretty soon. Who are you seeing while you’re there?  “I’m going to New York to shoot one of my good friends, Lil Dallas. He models with Vogue and many other high fashion brands. I met him in Miami at Art Basel and I’m gonna be shooting him for my new collection. In my new collection, I have about ten pieces coming out that are high fashion and all polyester-based quality pieces.”

Do you have advice for people who are wanting to start a company? “My biggest advice is to just do it. I know that sounds cliche, but just be original and start a brand if you want to start a brand, and don’t be scared about what people think of it because it’s your brand and that’s all that matters. Even if you’re the only one that wears it, it’s still your brand.”

Is there any last thing you’d like to say?  “Follow me on Instagram @jackbroadnax and stay updated.”

Better get the pieces while you can still afford them! Luckily for me, Jack hooked me up with a free cozy sweatshirt (more travel savings for me!). I’m obsessed with it. Buy one at Her Children and we can trend set together.

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You know those people who have an epiphany, quit their job, and invest all their money into making their dream a reality? I’ve always been jealous of those kinds of people; they have that quality of reckless bravery that I wasn’t born with. But, the other day (after staying up until 5 a.m.), that reckless bravery (delirium) appeared out of nowhere (my superior temporal gyrus), and I became that person. I took all of those risks. I’ve decided to travel the world, and document the process of turning my vision into a reality by sharing it with you through blog posts and pictures. So, I invite you to watch me try to make this thing happen, and I encourage you to support me. By checking in on my blog, you will be experiencing my journey with me, and neither of us knows at this point if I will succeed or fail, which is what will make this so interesting. If I succeed, I encourage you to use this as a guide to follow, and if I fail, use this as a guide to what not to do!
My biggest obstacle right now is that I have $752 to my name. I decided to quit my job because I was making $8.50 an hour, and by working independently I make a whopping $12 an hour plus I can create my own schedule that doesn’t conflict with my school schedule. I plan to supplement this by creating a GoFundMe account and by allowing Google to advertise on my blog (so go click on the ads for me please!!!). I invite you to donate to my GoFundMe because every penny you share really does bring me one step closer to achieving my dream.


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A Week in Kauai

Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth, home of Jurassic Park, the crown jewel of the USA, Heaven: they’re all synonyms.  So whatever you want to call it, that’s where I went for spring break! After a painful 12 hour plane flight, and a quick layover to pick up my friend Morgan (yes we do have the same name) we finally arrived in Lihue, Kauai. We rented a white Jeep, obviously convertible, and drove down to Poipu, where we rented a house. I’m going to give you a breakdown of how we spent our time, but rather than putting everything in boring chronological order, I’ll categorize by activity types.


  • Napali Coast State Wilderness Hike- This was one of the very first activities we did, and it was raining! Even though we could not see the world-renowned view, we were surrounded by an opaque white wall of fog. Even in the rain we had an amazing time, and the air was so crisp at the high altitude.
  • Poipu Surfing- My first time surfing, I highly recommend taking a lesson like my family, friend, and I did. It wasn’t as hard as I thought It would be, and it was almost everyone’s favorite part of the trip. Make sure to bring a rash guard!
  • Wailua River Paddle Boarding- This was my favorite part of the trip and definitely the most adventurous excursion we went on. We paddled 2 miles up the (nearly stagnant) river and then hiked 1 mile to a waterfall. We swam in the pool underneath it while birds chirped in the background; it was pretty magical. There was also the occasional rooster. Roosters are abundant all over the island, so don’t plan on getting much sleep.
  • Kapaa Beach Bike Ride- 10 miles, that’s how far my friend and I rode. It felt like 3 miles, but we were on our bikes so long our butts started to get sore from the seats hahaha. I’d be cautious to go on this ride again because on the path there were many sketchy looking people. If you want to go, don’t go alone, though I’m sure they are harmless. I took this photo of my friend, Morgan.
  • Walking (too much)- Because my family often split up to do different things, and I’m not old enough to rent a car, my friend and I probably walked about 25 miles throughout our vacation! We figured out on almost the last day, we could have just Ubered everywhere, but we got a good workout!


  • Keoki’s Paradise- Very touristy restaurant with decent food. It’s not really my style but we went our first night on a whim.
  • Shave Ice- Ate this almost every day! It’s in almost every shopping center and it’s so yummy. The flavor combinations are endless.
  • Street Burger- Top notch burgers, with a rustic environment. It seems that you would find this restaurant in New York rather than Hawaii. 5 stars from me 🙂
  • Plantation Gardens Restaurant & Bar- Loved this place. The food tasted delicious, the waiters were really outgoing and funny, and the outside patio was perfect. Also, a praying mantis landed on me, which is supposed to be good luck.
  • Bangkok Happy Bowl- I was slightly hesitant to eat here because of the extremely loud atmosphere, but my friend wanted to, and I’m glad I did. It has so many options; Morgan ordered lo mein and I ordered sushi, which was mouth-watering.
  • Living Foods Market- Small grocery shop near the house we rented. It had freshly made sandwiches and poke bowls. I’m not a huge fan of the bowls but the sandwiches were tasty!
  • Eating House 1849- In the same shopping center as Living Foods Market. This is an upscale restaurant, and the food is pretty good but not anything breath-taking.


  • Hanalei Bay- An unparalleled beach on the North Side of the Island. It’s gorgeous view of the mountains seemingly sprouting along the coastline and the glimmering turquiose water earns its spot as one of Kauai’s premiere beaches. BYOTU: Bring your own towels and umbrella.
  • Kapaa Beach- perfect for bike rides and outdoor activities with friends, not the best for swimming.
  • Polihale Beach- so beautiful and remote! Make sure to bring an umbrella or something to provide shade. The drive here was an adventure in itself; the bumpy dirt path jostled my bones a bit and my seatbelt actively restrained me from flying through the front of the car.  It was fabulous and I’m absolutely serious.
  • Poipu Beaches- Very touristy, if you’re into resorts this is in which you should stay. Personally, I prefer to stray from the discovered areas. I like to be the discoverer.

    So that’s a wrap! Also, I haven’t posted lately because I had spring break, prom, I got sick, I missed my AP exams, and tomorrow I’m making them up! So I’ll be posting a lot more now that whole shebang is through!

    xoxo, Morgan