Money Money Money

What’s the Space Bag’s worst enemy and your wallet’s best friend? Money, Mula, cold, hard, cash. Everybody wants it but it seems to be perpetually in short supply. You know what is not in short supply? Stuff. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about; I know about that stuff that collects dust under your bed, in the back of your closet, and even those useless knickknacks that take up space on your shelves or desk. But don’t feel guilty, we all collect things that we just don’t need, and that’s the beauty of it– somebody else would be more than happy to take your useless items off your hands.

So this past weekend, I wanted to make some extra money, and I decided to clean out my closet. I won’t lie, it was a painful experience. First of all, it was a grueling process (I own a lot of clothes), second, I realized I don’t like or wear 65% of my clothes, third of all, it led to me cleaning out my jewelry and cleaning my room, but this spring cleaning paid off– literally.

When I was finished, I had two large laundry baskets of junk that I should have disposed of long ago. I looked up places to sell, and Plato’s Closet came up, so I went there. I’ll never go again. It was a laughable experience how bad it was, but don’t stop reading here, I’ll convince you why you should sell your stuff to consignment a little bit later.

So I get to Plato’s Closet, and carry in my bag and the very nice girl at the register tells me it will take 20 minutes and I can either leave and come back, or look around while I wait. Since there was nobody ahead of me and it would “only take 20 minutes,” I looked around, which rendered fruitless. I then sat down and checked Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, my texts, my emails, googled summer jobs, summer internships, summer music festivals, and got the app SeatGeak. It had been an hour and 45 minutes when I looked up to see an employee making fun of my stuff to other employees! So I was pretty angry, but managed to contain myself and wait for them to finish up. At about two hours, they told me they were ready for me. They didn’t take much but I ended up making $43, so I was content with that.

The next day I was both older and wiser, and I knew how this worked. I went to a local consignment store and carried my two hefty baskets of stuff in two trips to the car. There were 3 people ahead of me in line to sell clothes, yet the wait only took about 10 to 15 minutes and this time I brought In Cold Blood to read. I gave them my stuff and then looked around and tried on a couple of pairs of shorts, but didn’t purchase anything. They had sorted through all my stuff in 30 minutes and took a whole basket full. I made $117 and I was ecstatic!

So even though selling to consignment shops may not be as amazing as I thought when I began this article, I still urge you to participate in it, because you can make money, clean out your house, shop, and get a good workout carrying all your baskets to a store from distant parking lots! Also, a pro tip: don’t put your stuff in garbage bags, many stores want it to be easy to sift through, so use baskets. I made $160 total! It’s a good way to make money if you’re in a bind, but if not, it is somewhat time-consuming and a hassle. So maybe consignment isn’t the great opportunity I was trying to convince you it was, but at least I’m honest!

xoxo, Morgan

A Blogger

A while ago I was surfing Instagram’s suggested page and I came across a picture of a fashionable girl named Justine Cuenco. After stalking her Instagram I decided to follow her @cococuenco. I loved her aesthetic and being a junior in high school and all, wanted to figure out what she did for a living. To be completely honest here, I am still unsure. I found out she works at Gypsum, which basically is a blog, and Revolve, a company that sells multiple brands of clothing to consumers.  Gypsum Style says she’s an “influencer specializing in social media content creation, creative production, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Her creative imagination and focused branding talents led her into catalyzing her own brands; Gypsum Style, an online retailer, and Blvnk Pvge, a production company, which has pushed her into her current role as a Lifestyle Blogger.” So I really like Gypsum and wanted to let you guys know about it. Here are a couple of her posts:

This post kind of sums up what her blog is about:


she’s so freaking cool and her style and vacations are enviable


Want this bikini!


This article really motivated me to workout! Also her exercise apparel is v cute.

This is her Instagram:

Blvnk Pvge Instagram:

xoxo, Morgan

Dress to Impress

Hi Babes!

This is part 2 to my original prom dress article Picture Perfect Prom (Dresses).  I discovered a website called White Runway which has a lot of dresses with a range of prices. I still have not bought a dress, but there’s just so many options; I don’t want to miss out on anything! Here are the dresses I’m choosing from to wear for Prom.


This is my Dad’s favorite because it’s “the most elegant”wrnfm1707_3

this one was on my first prom postred-dress-AT-L5080-b

After arranging these photos I’ve decided which one I’m wearing. But I’m not telling just yet…you’ll have to wait and see. I’ll post after prom 🙂 Let me know which is your fave!

xx, Morgan


Let’s Do Dinner

Hey babes,

If you’re a lady and if you have friends, you hear these three little words quite often. “Let’s do dinner!” That means you have to get out of those comfy sweatpants and stained t-shirt, turn off Netflix, and put on some real clothes. Thank God for friends; Without them we would never leave our houses. Or, at least, I wouldn’t.

Anyways, It’s Friday Night, I have a 15 minutes, a pile of greasy hair (ok maybe not, BUT if you do have greasy hair, try dry shampoo) and a reservation for 7:15 at Wolfgang Puck (10/10 recommend). Truthfully, I was late. I’m always late. I left my house at 7:15. However, being late was worth it because I felt very put together and stylish in my outfit. Dressing better really does make you feel better. Also, it makes you blog better, if you’re into that sorta thing.

So my outfit consisted of:

  • men’s ripped jean jacket
  • lace trimmed satin tank-top
  • tiny gold ball earrings
  • faux Prada bag (courtesy of my Mom)
  • over the knee boots
  • metallic gold choker



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I was thinking of posting my makeup look, but when I thought about it I had already washed off my makeup! Let me know if you’d like a tutorial or pictures with description. I love to hear your feedback!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

These chicas are some of my best friends ❤

As you can see, Wolfgang Puck ain’t got nothin’ on me. HA, that rhymes.

If you like my bedroom, I decorated it myself! Don’t worry all the fur items are faux. In addition, this jean jacket has a funny little story behind it.

I was touring colleges, and after seeing UCLA, I walked around Westwood. I had previously seen these amazing pictures of Rihanna looking bomb in an oversized torn jean jacket and I was on the hunt for one. I walked in an Urban Outfitters with my Mom and saw the jacket  and proceeded to buy it. I kept getting a lot of stares from guys in the store but couldn’t figure out why. My mom and I walked out and saw another Urban Store next to it, which we thought was strange. We entered and I realized they were two separate stores for guys and girls. The guys in the last store were looking at me because they were watching me try on a bunch of mens clothing! It’s really not that unusual for females to wear men’s clothes, but I think they realized that I was oblivious to the fact I was in a men’s store.

I feel like this story makes me sound clueless, but where I live there is only 1 unisex Urban Outfitters, and I had never seen separate store fronts for that company. Moral of the story: That small deviation from my path led me to find exactly the jacket I was looking for. Even though some stores may not be “you,” sometimes you can find great pieces in the most unlikely places.

Thanks so much for reading loves!

xoxo Morgan


Bikinis, Babe!

We all know the time of year: diet, run, binge eat, diet, workout etc., because that warm weather we have all been eagerly anticipating is right around the corner! And that means BIKINIS!!! A girl’s best frenemy. So, if your feeling good about your beach bod, treat yo’ self! If you’re not, treat yo’ self! Here are the top swimwear websites to make your summer ∼sizzlin∼

  • Sabo Skirt
  • they sell out very quickly



  • Gooseberry Swim



  • Mary Grace Swim



  • Disruptive Youth
















  • Hoaka Swimwear



  • Fae Swim

Lacuna Top Silver

  • Lioness Fashion


  • Made by Dawn


  • Lali and Layla
  • this store is my current obsession

  • Jaymes Swimwear


  • White Fox
  • I also really like this brand, but their items are never in stock
  • Plumeria Swimwear<3


  • Siempre Golden

pacific palisades front.jpg

  • Boutine LA

Image result for boutinela

  • Moda Glam boutique

Image result for moda glam boutique swim


These brands are some of my favorites but you really have to stay on the ball to get the popular items while their in stock! Until next time…

xoxo, Morgan

Picture Perfect Prom (Dresses)

Hey ladies!

I know prom is fast approaching, and I’ve received requests from several friends to share some suggestions for dresses! I plan to split these suggestions into subcategories to make it easier for you to refine your search. I’ll include links for all of the websites on which you can find your dresses, which will be displayed on the bottom of the photos. Above the photos are a brief annotation on important information of the dresses. You will look your best wearing what you feel your best in, because your beauty really comes from the inside! I know I sound cheesy, but it is a cliché for a reason. And that reason would be because it’s true.

The first few dresses are the most expensive so don’t get discouraged!

*If you attend my school, I request you text or email me when you purchase a dress to ensure you don’t end up wearing the same one as somebody else! Let the shopping begin!


To be upfront, this dress is $650. If you can afford this, I highly recommend it, the dress is beautiful and I can only dream of wearing it. If you can’t afford it, we are in the same boat, my friend. If you have enormous calves, don’t fret! This is the dress for you! Just kidding 😉 Mermaid dresses are one of my favorite cuts though! Also, Sherri Hill is a very well-known label and of the best quality. Peaches Boutique



If you have dark complexion, a ripped abdomen, and $225 to spare, you’ve found the dress for you! This dress is great for pear, hourglass, and rectangle body types. It comes in several colors, including ivory, plum, and black which look good with almost any skin tone. For the Sherri Hill, it’s a great price.  Henri’s


$300. Sherri Hill. One of my personal favorites. Highly recommend. Prom Girl



Ironically, this black and gold dress reminds me of Serena Vanderwoodson’s dress from the White Party. $129 from Simply Dresses


Red rose dress from Henri’s $325.


This dress from Henri’s is on sale now for $249! The color reminds me of Açai; Berry cute.


Prom Girl Ok, Ill be honest, I debated putting this dress on here because I may buy it for prom and I didn’t want anyone to have the same dress as me. The red satin is sexy and complements dark skin and hair as seen below. Guess the cat is out of the bag now! $268


This dress is perfect for apple-shaped girls but truly flatters every body type! It’s also great for anyone who is self-conscious about their upper body or wants to show off their legs. With unique sleeves, this dress will make you stand out, and parents will love it because it’s classy not flashy ;). At $177, it’s a fair price.

This dress is classic. At $180, it is expensive for its quality, but the cut makes up for that fault. This dress shows the perfect amount of skin while still leaving plenty to the imagination, and it flatters all body types. The draping over the shoulders really sets this dress apart from the others. You will get plenty of attention and compliments wearing this, plus it comes in an array of colors. This is one of my personal favorites and I would wear it to prom myself. I suggest the navy color for females with blonde hair, the contrast draws the eye. Also, this dress sells out fast, so hop on it while you can.

Prom Girl $298


This is one of the best $200 prom dresses i’ve seen. I may be biased because of my Sherri Hill obsession. Henri’s



Asos I! Love! This! Dress! $53.


If you’re a true Queen B fan like me, you will automatically recognize this dress. It is strikingly similar to the one Beyoncé wears in her Hold Up music video, but a little more “promy.” It’s also only $117 and looks royal on all body types. This takes confidence to wear, but isn’t that what being unique is all about?

This dress speaks volumes about your personality. Whomever wears this is bold and outside of the box. The black makes the dress sexy while the flowers bring a playful, relaxed vibe that lets others know you don’t take yourself too seriously. Also, if you’ve been out of touch with the trends lately, embroidery and roses are super in. This dress draws attention to the legs while accentuating your curves. At $119, this dress won’t break the bank. The longer I look at it, the more I like it. Keep jewelry to a minimum while wearing this, or it will compete with the pattern for the spotlight and confuse the eye. I recommend flat silver rings or sans jewelry.

Rent a dress!!

This is a great idea if you will never wear the dress again and you’re trying to save $$$! Let’s face it, we all have those dresses that sit at the back of our closets, collecting dust, that were a little to pricey to be back there. Let’s not do that again.

Charlotte’s Closet

Greek goddess dress you can borrow for only $85!


JJ’s House



JJ’s House




I just discovered this store and they have some cute, low priced dresses! Here are some of the best ones.

This dress is made to look like the emerald Kendall Jenner dress. I fell in love when I saw Kendall wearing it. My only concern is that the fabric might look too cheap for prom.

Windsor $591_289458_FS_EMERALD.JPG

Another green Windsor dress $69. Over the shoulder is coming back in style and ruffles are a trend you should try.1_303069_FS_EMERALD.JPG

$59, Windsor. The shoes are Steve Madden. The model’s makeup also goes really well with this dress and gives her a fresh yet put togeather look.


$79, Windsor The rose gold sparkles will make you stand out–especially in photos.


This dress is made by Capulet and is a steal at $120 on Revolve. While it is available in nude and champagne, nude is pictured below. This dress projects and elegant and sultry image and highlights your bust. With its sexy simplicity it gives you the “Oh, I look great? I wasn’t even trying” look.

Spring Fling

Hey my ppl!

As you know, spring is fast approaching. Either this whole global warming thing is upping the ante (it is) or I’ve been seriously misinformed what February weather is supposed to feel like here in North Cackalacky. If long winter months are still ahead of you from where your reading this, don’t fret!! Seek refuge in my eclectic ∼tropical oasis∼ moodboard.

∼Tropical Oasis∼

To shop these looks go to:

Brandy Melville



Cinq A Sept

Urban Outfitters


Kai Lani


Shop on! Until next time…

xoxo, Morgan