Emerging Artist: Jack Broadnax

Jack Broadnax is a nineteen-year-old fashion designer and founder of Her Children Paris. Broadnax’s brand is heavily influenced by Parisian art and culture. Though the label is only 5 or 6 months old, it has already attracted the attention of celebrities and gained Broadnax entrance to several exclusive events. Jack Broadnax is making a name for himself in high fashion, and it’s happening quickly. Don’t blink or you might miss it– here’s some more about Her Children and Broadnax from the designer himself.

Describe your vision for Her Children Paris. How do you want people to see your brand and who is your target audience?  “My vision definitely is to make it a high fashion brand: runway shows, magazines, billboards, like a general Parisian high fashion brand. I want [people] to see Her Children through high fashion influencers, like the 2 people I use now in my lookbook: Bloody Osiris and Sashadidntwakeup.”


When and how did you get your idea to create Her Children? How has it evolved?  “I went to LA with my homie Parker Sharpe and we went to this trade show called Agenda and I saw all these up-and-coming streetwear brands and I thought I can do better. I flew back from LA to Charlotte and I made my brand that night. It’s evolved a lot actually, from just shooting random people to shooting people that style Kanye West. It has only been what? 5 or 6 months, so it’s still progressing. In another 6 months, it’s gonna be on a whole other level.”

Who has inspired you?  “Ya know, my brand is kinda different. I wanted to do something, and do it my own way, so I don’t really have anyone that ‘inspired’ me. I mean, I have brands I look up to like Midnight Studios, Off-White, Gosha, and Stone Island, but no one has inspired me really, just myself.”

Has this process unfolded in the way you thought it would, or has it surprised you?  “It has been exactly how I’ve wanted it to be, nothing has been wrong. I’ve had multiple people who have tried to help me obviously, and I’ve declined a lot of people who have been trying to help me because I want it to be my brand and my image. There’s a difference between fast money and real, hard-earned money.”

What city is your company currently based in? Do you plan on staying there or moving? Why?  “My company is currently based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, but I have some big plans to move it to a Parisian atmosphere, making everything cut and sewn in Paris. It’s definitely going to transform into a Parisian vibe very quickly, and I’m gonna be based out of Paris.”

So you told me earlier you’re going to New York pretty soon. Who are you seeing while you’re there?  “I’m going to New York to shoot one of my good friends, Lil Dallas. He models with Vogue and many other high fashion brands. I met him in Miami at Art Basel and I’m gonna be shooting him for my new collection. In my new collection, I have about ten pieces coming out that are high fashion and all polyester-based quality pieces.”

Do you have advice for people who are wanting to start a company? “My biggest advice is to just do it. I know that sounds cliche, but just be original and start a brand if you want to start a brand, and don’t be scared about what people think of it because it’s your brand and that’s all that matters. Even if you’re the only one that wears it, it’s still your brand.”

Is there any last thing you’d like to say?  “Follow me on Instagram @jackbroadnax and stay updated.”

Better get the pieces while you can still afford them! Luckily for me, Jack hooked me up with a free cozy sweatshirt (more travel savings for me!). I’m obsessed with it. Buy one at Her Children and we can trend set together.

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