Know Yourself.

What if the world could see everything through your eyes? You could be understood by enemies and friends alike. Everyone would be on your side. What if you could speak about whatever you wanted and nobody ever interrupted you? What if you could be honest? What if you could inspire change without having to change to be accepted by others?

These are not merely wishful ideas, these are the realities of writing. When you write, you have power. By deciding which details to include and which to nix, you’re coloring reality. Everyone’s bias is in your favor because it was influenced by you.

In your writing, nobody can change the topic of contemplation. You have time to articulate your thoughts, and there’s no immediate consequence from your words because you have the opportunity to refine them. You’re able to say exactly what you mean by finding the most accurate words to express yourself, instead of relying on the mediocre arsenal of vocabulary the rests at the forefront of your mind as you do when speaking aloud. 

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Writing is an escape from reality with characters who are your best friends joining you on adventures as wild as your dreams. As a writer, you’re an artist and a creator. You can make life and end it. You choose what you want to happen, and unlike in nearly every other area in your life, you actually have control.

Writing is one of the only situations in life in which you can be utterly honest. You can choose to destroy your words, remain anonymous, or be bold enough to share yourself with the world. Writing is freedom because it comes from inside. Your thoughts are part of you, not something that can be taken away from you. George Orwell’s novel 1984 exemplifies this concept well. Using 24-hour surveillance of the citizens of a region named Oceania, the totalitarian government persecutes anyone who displays opinions that diverge from that of the government. Though the main character submits to the government physically, (at least in part one of the novel, because I’m not any farther than that yet) his mind remains in protest of his maltreatment and his writing becomes a tool for his discovery of his desire to overthrow the ruler of the Oceania, Big Brother. In short, nobody has to agree with your thoughts, but they’re valid just because you have them. And even if your ideas are agreed with only by a minority, or by nobody at all, you could still be right.

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I’ve obviously spent a generous amount of time writing and it has caused me to change as a person. It has allowed me to discover my judgments, passions, and motives which I would have taken much longer to realize without typing them out on my computer. You will reveal to yourself your underlying opinions on topics that you didn’t even know you had an opinion on by writing essays, stories, or simply writing about whatever catches your attention at a certain moment. It’s a way of processing your observations in a conscious manner. This has led me to understand myself and it will do the same for you. I know why I do things, what’s important to me, and exactly what I want to get out of my life. Being aware of those interests will give you the ability to steer your life in the direction you want it to go. If you start writing, you’ll learn things about yourself that you wish you hadn’t as well as things you’ll wish you had known sooner. And if you keep writing, your life will most likely change.

My fondness for writing has derived from my love of words. I have favorites: ephemeral, hubris, and synesthesia are some of them. I think about words and their meanings and sounds quite often, they fascinate me. Though this may seem odd, if you consider the effects of words, we should all have a profound appreciation for them. Without them, where would we be? So take a chance and try writing. It might just change your life.

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3 thoughts on “Know Yourself.

  1. Love how you set up this entry about writing with writing. There is great power in the pen…in fact people have died for it. Let us never forget the power of words for both good and evil. Glad to hear young people like yourself realize this. Never underestimate the power of writing to change the world.

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