Feeling Comfortable

If you know me, you are most likely aware that I love art. If not, now you know. For a while now, I’ve come across art on Pinterest with a certain kind of cartoonish style that really appeals to my eye. After searching, I discovered some of the people who created these pictures. Their names are Yaoyao Ma Van As, Pascal Campion, Mehrdad Isvand, and Emmy Cicierega. Turns out, Mehrdad Isvand works for Walt Disney Animation Studio and was involved in the creation of Moana (one of my favorite animated movies). What makes their pieces so appealing is the sense of comfort and safety in all of the images. In addition, I am probably the “targeted audience” of these pieces since most of them portray young women who seem to spend a generous amount of time alone or in the company of animals. This art exudes happiness and peace in everyday life; It’s a nice change from most of the deep and contemplative art that typically attracts me. Here is some of their work:

Yaoyao Ma Van As


Yaoyao Ma Van As is my favorite of these artists because her pictures focus on young women who enjoy spending time alone. I feel like many people assume that people who like to be alone are not happy, and this dispells that belief. She’s also a vegan and animal lover. You can buy her prints on the website https://www.yaoyaomavanas.com/prints/


Pascal Campion


Mehrdad Isvandi 

mehrdad isvandi.jpg

Emmy Cicierega

Emmy Cicierega.jpg



This is only one style of art that interests me, and if you’d like to see more art, you can check out my Art board on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/morganspangler0/art/ I’m not all that active on Pinterest, but my Art board is regularly updated because I use bits and pieces of things I find on there as inspiration for my own work. Let me know if you guys enjoy learning about art or if you prefer I stick to my other usual topics.

Until next time,



If you watch T.V, you most likely have heard of a new show called A.P. Bio. It aired February 1st and I just watched the first three episodes on Demand. (Not really sure how three episodes are already out, to be honest). It’s so hilarious and I can already tell it’s going to be my new obsession. It’s about an ex-Harvard philosophy professor seeking revenge on his arch-nemesis while teaching A.P. Bio at a high school without ever really teaching. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, you should try watching it.


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