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You know those people who have an epiphany, quit their job, and invest all their money into making their dream a reality? I’ve always been jealous of those kinds of people; they have that quality of reckless bravery that I wasn’t born with. But, the other day (after staying up until 5 a.m.), that reckless bravery (delirium) appeared out of nowhere (my superior temporal gyrus), and I became that person. I took all of those risks. I’ve decided to travel the world, and document the process of turning my vision into a reality by sharing it with you through blog posts and pictures. So, I invite you to watch me try to make this thing happen, and I encourage you to support me. By checking in on my blog, you will be experiencing my journey with me, and neither of us knows at this point if I will succeed or fail, which is what will make this so interesting. If I succeed, I encourage you to use this as a guide to follow, and if I fail, use this as a guide to what not to do!
My biggest obstacle right now is that I have $752 to my name. I decided to quit my job because I was making $8.50 an hour, and by working independently I make a whopping $12 an hour plus I can create my own schedule that doesn’t conflict with my school schedule. I plan to supplement this by creating a GoFundMe account and by allowing Google to advertise on my blog (so go click on the ads for me please!!!). I invite you to donate to my GoFundMe because every penny you share really does bring me one step closer to achieving my dream.


To Donate to My GoFundMe Account:


Some of my previous travel experiences that inspired my passion for travel:

Thanks to everyone who supports me!


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