Dress Up

So, I’ve been in LA for 2 weeks and it has made me realize how negligent I’ve been towards my style lately. Living in the south, it is totally acceptable, even normal, to be rocking the trends from 3-5 years ago. In LA, it’s a little different. I’ve been inspired to get back in my groove, so I did some research to catch up with these fashionistas. Here’s a list I’ve compiled on trends I’ve observed and noted from anywhere from Vogue and Who What Where to Olivia Culpo and Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagrams.


It Never goes out of style.


I just bought a blush feather over the shoulder bag from Steve Madden and I’m in love with it. If you do incorporate this summer trend into your outfits, make sure to not make it excessive– a little goes a long way.


Ok, this one is easy enough. You may not even have to go out and buy something new! Here are some red things I found on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. I bought the shirts! Also, to be honest, I probably would have sucked in and smiled in these pictures if I had known at the time that they would end up on my blog, but since I thought they were just going to my mom, this is what you get 🙂 I wore the first shirt for the 4th of July!


Brandy Melville


Brandy Melville


Urban Outfitters


Tinted Lensed Sunglasses

Block out these haters and the UV rays all in one! Also, you can see the world in a shade for every mood.

Feeling blue? Here ya go:

Want to see the world with rose-colored glasses on? Be my guest. By the way, Sophia Richie has been photographed wearing these exact glasses.


The Black Belts

Gucci’s got moves.

Only $12!



I saw this very chic girl at USC wearing them and then I started noticing them pop up everywhere! They’re very A$AP Rocky/Kendall Jenner vibe. I want to buy a pair of the black studded ones on the far left or the black ones on the right. They’re like flip flops for  refined people.


Steve Madden


Steve Madden


Across the Body and Mini Bags

All the celebs have been spotted wearing J.W. Anderson bags.

 Asymmetrical Shirts

Suggested by Who What Wear.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 1.38.11 AM.png

Neon Swimwear

Spotted on Hailey Baldwin, Kylie Jenner, and Elsa Hosk, all who I follow on Instagram. My Cali friends make fun of me because they think I follow more celebrities and clothing companies than people I actually know. Whoops! Grab your bright swimwear on Revolve, they have plenty!

Purchase Prediction: Expect to fill your closet with velvet this fall. It’s supposed to be a total craze.

Ok this is gonna be real mushy, but bear with me. I feel like this is important to tell you guys.

Though trends are fun, your personal sense of style is the most important one to follow. Don’t just wear something because everyone famous is wearing it. Your style is a way to demonstrate your personality and vision to other people, and if you only wear trends the vision can’t break through. Personally, I buy things when I feel emotions from them. When I tried on a dress from NBD the other day, I knew I should buy it because I felt happy in it. It was a simple black dress with a slit, but it was really flattering, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt proud of my body, something that most of the time I feel insecure about. My clothing made me feel good about myself, and that’s what yours should do too.

One reason clothing is so powerful is that you can transform your persona using it. If you want to look serious and powerful as a woman, you can wear a suit and slick back your hair to look badass. The next day, if you want to look innocent, you can wear a loose knee-length dress with a swirly pattern and a clip in your hair. In the span of two days, you were two different people to the people around you, and that is remarkable! This applies to makeup too. You can communicate with the world by my makeup. I’ll use myself as an example. If I’m wearing glittery eyeshadow, I’m feeling confident and spontaneous and ready to live in the moment. If I’m wearing eyeliner and blush with a full face of makeup, I’m trying to look pulled together and mature. If I’m wearing natural makeup, I’m feeling pretty down to earth and honest. This is my look most of the time. If I’m wearing no makeup, you’re either really close to me or I don’t care about you at all. Just kidding! (kind of). Anyways, remember clothing and makeup are more than just stuff to put on your body, they are an outward demonstration of your identity. Dress accordingly.

Love you always, Morgan

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