Becoming a Morning Person.

Is anybody really a morning person? A month or two ago I thought not, but today I assure you it’s a possible feat. The best mornings are prepared for the night before. To start, you need to get to bed early; this is the hardest part, but in the morning it makes a monumental difference–the difference of actually getting out of bed when your alarm goes off the first time. On school nights, I aim to get in bed at 9 p.m. and wake up at 5:30 a.m. for 8 & 1/2 hours of sleep. I suggest this amount of sleep, or more if you can afford the luxury.

Before you fall asleep, lie in bed for a few minutes and think about everything you need to do the next morning.  Premeditating on the idea will help you remember all your responsibilities and go through your routine with ease. Also, set one alarm and do not give yourself “five more minutes” of sleep.  The time from when you wake up to when you get out of bed is like taking off a band-aid, and the slower you do it, the more it hurts. Plus, mornings are somewhat of a time crunch, therefore every minute is valuable.

When you set your alarm, keep in mind that rushing taints your morning vibe. Think about your favorite mornings, mine are Christmas morning and Sunday mornings when I would wake up and watch cartoons when I was little. Both of these mornings I was relaxed and felt absolutely no time pressure.  Though on a daily basis time awareness is critical, minimizing that pressure in the morning will wildly improve your day. Give yourself 20 extra minutes to get ready, even if you don’t think you will use them.

Once you are out of bed, I highly recommend working out.Working out and showering will improve your morning by at least 50%. When I started exercising in the mornings, it totally flipped my perspective on the whole day. It gave me a sense of accomplishment before I even left for school, and the endorphins gave me this positive rush and sense of confidence. I exercised from 5:30 to 6:30, and after a few weeks I actually noticed a difference in my body. I had no intention of loosing weight or gaining muscle, I just wanted to feel good, but luckily the hard work comes with some extra benefits.

Right after I finish working out, I hop in a cold shower and wash my body and my hair. I never took a morning shower until this year, and there is nothing more refreshing after a sweaty workout. Showering takes me 10 minutes and getting dressed takes me 5. At 6:45, I sit down at my vanity and put on a small amount of makeup and marvel at my skin’s post workout glow.

Putting on makeup takes me 15 minutes, and I go downstairs at 7 to eat breakfast. If you prefer, you may eat pre-workout, but that makes me feel sick and I tend to get hungry after exercise, so I recommend eating afterwards. Eating a healthy breakfast fills you up and fuels your brain. It may take a couple extra minutes to make, but a nutritious meal will benefit you for hours. My healthy breakfast go-to is two eggs (hardboiled or over easy) with a piece of toast. When I’m on a time restraint, I eat a banana with peanut butter. Whatever you eat, make sure it contains protein to keep you full.

When I’m finished eating, I brush my teeth and leave at 7:15 to pick up my best friend and drive her to school. I pump the jams in the car and sing at the top of my lungs because I feel great. I am ready to take on the day. What a difference waking up one hour earlier can make! It may not be easy, but the best things never are.

xx, Morgan

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