Eternal Prom

Well hello again my trusted friends!

I am here, in the flesh, through a laptop, cyberspace, and a whole bunch of coded numbers and letters and special characters to report to you, my dear reader, the events of PROM! It was so fun, it’s always fun, it’s prom!

#1: The Dress

If you read my last posts, there were some dresses I was between wearing and I ordered one of them. It became a debacle when the company sent me a size too small in the dress I ordered and AFTER I sent it back, they told me they were out of my size. This happened on Monday and I had prom on Saturday. Luckily my mother is quite fashionable and I wore a Neiman Marcus gown she already owned.

#2: Hair

My BFF and hair stylist, Ben, really pulled through on this one. I decided the night before that I wanted to get my hair done (though I usually always do my own hair for events). I texted Ben and he happily complied he could style my hair, which was amazing because usually salons are booked around prom. He curled it and pinned it half-up and half-down with a little poof on top, which sounds totally 80s but it was not at all. unfortunately I didn’t have long enough arms to get a pic of the back of my head 😉

#3: Makeup

I was really proud of my makeup, which as always, I do myself. I often do my friends’ makeup for events, and if you live in my area contact me anytime if you want someone to do your makeup! I went for a really dramatic look here with silvery-blue undertones in the eyeshadow.

#4: Photos

My lil’ gang came over to my house for pictures, and we took pictures on the grass area in my neighborhood.  My friends are photogenic, what can I say?



#5: Dinner and Dance

Dinner was delish and the dance was sensational. Our dance was at a night club with a dj, confetti, strobe lights, and all. I’m at a loss for words to describe how phenomenal it was. I could dance all night, every night, for the rest of my life. Willingly, I would do this. More than willingly actually– I want to dance in that environment all the time every day. I didn’t want to leave, and when my friends dragged me out of there I was dripping in sweat. A disgusting detail maybe, but it enhances the mental image. Why would anyone not want to dance all day everyday? I think you get it, I LOVE dancing.

#6: After Party

The after party is like a deep breath, relaxing with just your friends after a crowded night bumping into people from here and there and Timbuctoo. I didn’t really need to put that in here, I just wanted to say Timbuctoo.

#7: After After Party

If this is not the definition of eternal prom I don’t know what is. The next day, my friends and I went to my date’s house. It was so elegant yet contemporary, it looked like you had just stepped into a Veranda Magazine house.  We hung out in the pool and jacuzzi and around the outdoor fire place, conversing, playing pool basketball, and tanning. A spa couldn’t have been any better.

Prom should be every weekend. I’m starting a petition.

xx, Morgan


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