A Week in Kauai

Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth, home of Jurassic Park, the crown jewel of the USA, Heaven: they’re all synonyms.  So whatever you want to call it, that’s where I went for spring break! After a painful 12 hour plane flight, and a quick layover to pick up my friend Morgan (yes we do have the same name) we finally arrived in Lihue, Kauai. We rented a white Jeep, obviously convertible, and drove down to Poipu, where we rented a house. I’m going to give you a breakdown of how we spent our time, but rather than putting everything in boring chronological order, I’ll categorize by activity types.


  • Napali Coast State Wilderness Hike- This was one of the very first activities we did, and it was raining! Even though we could not see the world-renowned view, we were surrounded by an opaque white wall of fog. Even in the rain we had an amazing time, and the air was so crisp at the high altitude.
  • Poipu Surfing- My first time surfing, I highly recommend taking a lesson like my family, friend, and I did. It wasn’t as hard as I thought It would be, and it was almost everyone’s favorite part of the trip. Make sure to bring a rash guard!
  • Wailua River Paddle Boarding- This was my favorite part of the trip and definitely the most adventurous excursion we went on. We paddled 2 miles up the (nearly stagnant) river and then hiked 1 mile to a waterfall. We swam in the pool underneath it while birds chirped in the background; it was pretty magical. There was also the occasional rooster. Roosters are abundant all over the island, so don’t plan on getting much sleep.
  • Kapaa Beach Bike Ride- 10 miles, that’s how far my friend and I rode. It felt like 3 miles, but we were on our bikes so long our butts started to get sore from the seats hahaha. I’d be cautious to go on this ride again because on the path there were many sketchy looking people. If you want to go, don’t go alone, though I’m sure they are harmless. I took this photo of my friend, Morgan.
  • Walking (too much)- Because my family often split up to do different things, and I’m not old enough to rent a car, my friend and I probably walked about 25 miles throughout our vacation! We figured out on almost the last day, we could have just Ubered everywhere, but we got a good workout!


  • Keoki’s Paradise- Very touristy restaurant with decent food. It’s not really my style but we went our first night on a whim.
  • Shave Ice- Ate this almost every day! It’s in almost every shopping center and it’s so yummy. The flavor combinations are endless.
  • Street Burger- Top notch burgers, with a rustic environment. It seems that you would find this restaurant in New York rather than Hawaii. 5 stars from me 🙂
  • Plantation Gardens Restaurant & Bar- Loved this place. The food tasted delicious, the waiters were really outgoing and funny, and the outside patio was perfect. Also, a praying mantis landed on me, which is supposed to be good luck.
  • Bangkok Happy Bowl- I was slightly hesitant to eat here because of the extremely loud atmosphere, but my friend wanted to, and I’m glad I did. It has so many options; Morgan ordered lo mein and I ordered sushi, which was mouth-watering.
  • Living Foods Market- Small grocery shop near the house we rented. It had freshly made sandwiches and poke bowls. I’m not a huge fan of the bowls but the sandwiches were tasty!
  • Eating House 1849- In the same shopping center as Living Foods Market. This is an upscale restaurant, and the food is pretty good but not anything breath-taking.


  • Hanalei Bay- An unparalleled beach on the North Side of the Island. It’s gorgeous view of the mountains seemingly sprouting along the coastline and the glimmering turquiose water earns its spot as one of Kauai’s premiere beaches. BYOTU: Bring your own towels and umbrella.
  • Kapaa Beach- perfect for bike rides and outdoor activities with friends, not the best for swimming.
  • Polihale Beach- so beautiful and remote! Make sure to bring an umbrella or something to provide shade. The drive here was an adventure in itself; the bumpy dirt path jostled my bones a bit and my seatbelt actively restrained me from flying through the front of the car.  It was fabulous and I’m absolutely serious.
  • Poipu Beaches- Very touristy, if you’re into resorts this is in which you should stay. Personally, I prefer to stray from the discovered areas. I like to be the discoverer.

    So that’s a wrap! Also, I haven’t posted lately because I had spring break, prom, I got sick, I missed my AP exams, and tomorrow I’m making them up! So I’ll be posting a lot more now that whole shebang is through!

    xoxo, Morgan


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