Covet Fashion

I’m not a huge fan of games. I’m talking game apps. While they’re generally fun, I usually find them time wasters and I prefer to spend my time working towards a goal or being productive with my time. But, (there’s always a but) I found an exception to the rule (there is always an exception). Time after time, I keep going back to the app store to get my fix. Since it’s release in 2013, I’ve downloaded the app about 7 times, never creating a personal account, starting from scratch each time. This time I’ve decided I’m there to stay and made a username and such because the game is just so fun! Here’s a breakdown: you begin with a set amount of money and diamonds with which you purchase clothing. Then, you enter themed contests which require some item such as a piece of jewelry by a certain designer or from a certain year and season. If you obtain a certain number of stars (usually 4 or higher), you win a prize of diamonds or a piece of clothing. After increasing your closet value to x amount of dollars, you then “level up” and win money/diamonds and unlock new hair and makeup styles. You can also join a house, and I have yet to do this, but I think the idea is you can borrow clothing from other users in that house, which would allow you to level up faster (by having more options to use to enter contests) and expand your wardrobe (if others allow you to borrow from their closets). I’m on level two right now, but since I downloaded it last night and have played it for about four hours, I expect to climb up these levels pretty fast hahaha. Moderation is key 😉 These are some of the outfits I’ve created so far:

Try it out sometime, you won’t regret it!

xoxo, Morgan

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