Let’s Do Dinner

Hey babes,

If you’re a lady and if you have friends, you hear these three little words quite often. “Let’s do dinner!” That means you have to get out of those comfy sweatpants and stained t-shirt, turn off Netflix, and put on some real clothes. Thank God for friends; Without them we would never leave our houses. Or, at least, I wouldn’t.

Anyways, It’s Friday Night, I have a 15 minutes, a pile of greasy hair (ok maybe not, BUT if you do have greasy hair, try dry shampoo) and a reservation for 7:15 at Wolfgang Puck (10/10 recommend). Truthfully, I was late. I’m always late. I left my house at 7:15. However, being late was worth it because I felt very put together and stylish in my outfit. Dressing better really does make you feel better. Also, it makes you blog better, if you’re into that sorta thing.

So my outfit consisted of:

  • men’s ripped jean jacket
  • lace trimmed satin tank-top
  • tiny gold ball earrings
  • faux Prada bag (courtesy of my Mom)
  • over the knee boots
  • metallic gold choker



Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I was thinking of posting my makeup look, but when I thought about it I had already washed off my makeup! Let me know if you’d like a tutorial or pictures with description. I love to hear your feedback!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

These chicas are some of my best friends ❤

As you can see, Wolfgang Puck ain’t got nothin’ on me. HA, that rhymes.

If you like my bedroom, I decorated it myself! Don’t worry all the fur items are faux. In addition, this jean jacket has a funny little story behind it.

I was touring colleges, and after seeing UCLA, I walked around Westwood. I had previously seen these amazing pictures of Rihanna looking bomb in an oversized torn jean jacket and I was on the hunt for one. I walked in an Urban Outfitters with my Mom and saw the jacket  and proceeded to buy it. I kept getting a lot of stares from guys in the store but couldn’t figure out why. My mom and I walked out and saw another Urban Store next to it, which we thought was strange. We entered and I realized they were two separate stores for guys and girls. The guys in the last store were looking at me because they were watching me try on a bunch of mens clothing! It’s really not that unusual for females to wear men’s clothes, but I think they realized that I was oblivious to the fact I was in a men’s store.

I feel like this story makes me sound clueless, but where I live there is only 1 unisex Urban Outfitters, and I had never seen separate store fronts for that company. Moral of the story: That small deviation from my path led me to find exactly the jacket I was looking for. Even though some stores may not be “you,” sometimes you can find great pieces in the most unlikely places.

Thanks so much for reading loves!

xoxo Morgan


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